About us
We are a research group specialising in supramolecular chemistry based in the Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University in Canberra. Thanks for visiting – please have a look around and email Nick if you have any questions.

Recent news
Congrats to Dr Chriso, who become the first PhD student from the group to graduate!

The group welcomes two Honours students for the 2022 academic year. Oscar will be looking at using guest binding macrocycles to control organocatalysis, while Bailee will be looking at the coordination chemistry of some new cages in collaboration with Dr Annie Colebatch’s group.

Lockdown in Canberra ends, so it’s back to the lab. Petch’s paper describing the use of modulators to control crystallisation of hydrogen bonded frameworks is published in Chemical Communications. Congratulations on getting a first author paper in the first year of your PhD, Petch!

Nick is awarded a Future Fellowship by the Australian Research Council. This will provide $975,000 to support the group for four years (2022–2025).