About us
We are a research group specialising in supramolecular chemistry based in the Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University in Canberra. Thanks for visiting – please have a look around and email Nick if you have any questions.

Recent news

Riley and Zeke leave (although Zeke has promised to come back for Honours next year). Hui Min and Sara start summer projects.

The group gets a bit less female-heavy, as Riley and Zeke join for undergraduate research projects. Welcome!

 Nick’s paper reporting an undergrad lab experiment to prepare Hannon-style Fe2L3 helicates is published in the Journal of Chemical Education. Thanks to Jon Beves for the idea.

 Mahbod’s Chem. Sci. paper is chosen to be part of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s collection of 100 papers celebrating 100 years of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Tom’s Chem. Asian J. paper is highlighted by Chemistry Views.