About us
We are a research group specialising in supramolecular chemistry based in the Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University in Canberra. Thanks for visiting – please have a look around and email Nick if you have any questions.

Recent news
Welcome to Cameron and Zoe who join the group! Cameron is a visiting MChem student from the University of Edinburgh and will be working on cages; Zoe is an undergraduate researcher who will be working on hydrogen bonded frameworks incorporating main group elements.

The group publishes two papers in Chemistry – A European journal in rapid succession. Former postdoc Steph shows that hydrogen bonded frameworks can undergo drastic single-crystal-to-single-crystal transitions and adsorb water vapour. Former PhD student Chriso shows that a porous organic cage can be used to form a Co24 organometallic cluster in a single step.

Congratulations to Rosie, who publishes a paper in Chemistry – A European Journal demonstrating that O-H hydrogen bond donors can be used to dramatically enhance anion binding selectivity in [2]rotaxane hosts.

Congrats to Dr Chriso, who become the first PhD student from the group to graduate!