Group shenanigans

Graduation ceremony for the group’s first doctor (Feb 2022). Congrats Chriso!! From left: Nick, Chriso, Rosie, Emer.
Group photo (August 2021): Unfortunately Canberra is in lockdown so we’re forced to take a Zoom group photo. Top row from left: Craig, Nick Oscar; middle row from left: Jordan, Rosie, Bailee; bottom row from left: Emer, Petch.
Group “Christmas” party (March 2021). From left: Emer, Chriso, Rosie, Petch, Jason, Dan Preston (DECRA fellow – not part of the group, but we like hanging out with him anyway).
Group photo (December 2020). From left: Nick, Rosie, Emer, Chriso and Gemma.
Group photo (August 2019). From left: Gareth, Rosie, Chriso, Indy, Emer and Zeke.
Group photo (April 2019). From left: Nick, Rosie, Zeke, Emer and Chriso.
Boer Foyle Thomas White photo
Author bio picture for a review article (Feb 2019). From left: Steph, Emer, Chriso and Nick.
August 2018
The group snapped while eating lunch on a sunny winter’s day (August 2018).
Steph might have won minigolf, but by the looks of it Chriso had the most fun!
Congrats Rosie, who graduates with BSc(Hons).
Tom, Rosie and Steph at the beach. Steph looks unimpressed.
Group outing to the Riddle Room
Group photo
Tom graduates with BSc(Hons) – congrats Tom!
Hilarity (and cake) for Rosie’s birthday
An actually nice group photo!
Alfred and Kathy enjoying coffee in the sun at one of the cafes on campus.
Kangaroo chemist
The group mascot – the kangaroo chemist (drawing by Jenn Lee).