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Riley and Zeke leave (although Zeke has promised to come back for Honours next year). Hui Min and Sara start summer projects.

The group gets a bit less female-heavy, as Riley and Zeke join for undergraduate research projects. Welcome!

 Welcome Emer, who starts a PhD in the group today!

 Nick’s paper reporting an undergrad lab experiment to prepare Hannon-style Fe2L3 helicates is published in the Journal of Chemical Education. Thanks to Jon Beves for the idea.

Mahbod’s paper on very very porous (but unstable) hydrogen-bonded frameworks is published in Dalton Transactions.

Congrats to Rosie, who graduates with a BSc(Hons).

Toby and Rosie finish their projects and leave us, but the group gets two summer students. Welcome Eric and Sam!

 Mahbod’s Chem. Sci. paper is chosen to be part of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s collection of 100 papers celebrating 100 years of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Tom’s Chem. Asian J. paper is highlighted by Chemistry Views.

Tom Horgan joins us on a six-month exchange from the University of Southampton, and Toby Genet starts an undergraduate research project.

 The group graduates its first student — congrats Tom, BSc(Hons).

 Steph Boer joins us as a postdoc from Dave Turner’s group at Monash — welcome!!

 The group has its first PhD student. Welcome Chriso!!

 A collaboration with the O’Mara group on trying to understand self–assembly between bis(amidiniums) and dicarboxylates using a range of techniques is published as a “Very Important Paper” in a special edition of Chemistry — An Asian Journal. Congrats to all involved!

We’re advertising! The group has funding for a fixed-term (15 month) postdoc position – if you’re interested, apply here:

Mahbod’s paper on anion-templated frameworks is published in Chemical Science. Congrats Mahbod!

Rosie starts honours in the group, welcome!

Kaycee Low joins the group from Monash University for a summer research project.

Nick is awarded a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award by the Australian Research Council. This provides $360,000 funding over three years (2017 — 2019).

Supramolecular chemistry wins its second Nobel Prize! Congratulations to Ben Feringa, Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Fraser Stoddart.

Nick talks at the excellent MICRA meeting at the University of Bath (Meeting of Inorganic Chemists Recently Appointed).

Nick gives a department seminar at UNSW, and talks at the 2016 NZIC meeting in Queenstown.

We made a (very short) movie! Mahbod filmed himself growing crystals of a framework material – this is about 100 mgs of compound forming in water in minutes (we sped things up for the video!).

It’s all change in the group again, as Arthur returns to France and Rosie and Alfred return to their undergraduate studies. Tom begins his BSc(Hons) project in the group and we welcome PhB student Michael and visiting Scottish student Craig for undergraduate projects.

Nick begins teaching – he will be lecturing on coordination chemistry at second-year level for the next month.

The group publishes its first paper! Mahbod’s work on 2D structures assembled by O-H…anion hydrogen bonding is published as an invited contribution to a “New Talent” themed issue of CrystEngComm.

New group photos (including all the new people) are now on the website!

It’s all change in the group: Kathy leaves to return to her  studies, but Tom and Rosie join for research projects, and Arthur David – a visiting Masters student from France arrives.

Dr Mahbod Morshedi will be joining the group as a postdoctoral research fellow in the new year. He will be working part-time with us, and also working within the school on teaching and safety.

Alfred and Kathy join the group for summer research projects. Welcome!

Nick has been highlighted as an “Inspiring Alumnus” in Interface, the magazine of the MacDiarmid Institute (a New Zealand-wide network for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials).

Work from Nick’s postdoctoral position (with Prof. Mark MacLachlan) on preparing anion-templated hexagonal nanotubes is published in Chemical Science.

Nick has been appointed as a lecturer at ANU!! He began work in October 2015.