Our lab

Our lab is located on the second floor of the brand new RSC building. All hoods contain either a nitrogen manifold or full Schlenk line.


We use metal heating blocks (Radley heat-ons or Asynt DrySyns) to heat reactions, which means we don’t have to use oil baths (or clean up oil spills!). We’ve also recently replaced all our water condensers with CondenSyn air condensers, which save water, avoid floods and avoid tangles of condenser tubes. We teamed up with the nice people at Asynt to do some testing on these and found that the amount of solvent that evaporates through the condenser is negligible for most solvents, and that for some low-boiling solvents, they actually perform better than “traditional” condensers. If you’re into that kind of thing, you can read about it here: CondenSyn report.

We also have a very flash microgram balance (it actually reads to 0.1 micrograms!), which allows us to accurately weigh very small quantities of material, for example for host–guest binding studies.


Additionally, we have access to a range of excellent facilities within the school, which you can read about here.