Process for removing sulfate from a sulfate-containing aqueous solution
N. G. White
Australian provisional patent, no.: 2021903694
Provisional patent filed: November 2021
This patent filing describes simple precipitants that can selectively and effectively remove sulfate from water. This may be of use in a variety of applications, including preventing clogging of membranes in desalination plants, clean up of mining waste and remediation of legacy nuclear waste.

Hydrogen-bonded organic framework systems
N. G. White, C. J. Doonan, C. J. Sumby, W. Liang, P. Falcaro
WIPO PCT: WO 2020/252536A1
Provisional patent filed: June 2019
PCT publication date: December 2020
This patent filing describes the use of hydrogen bonded frameworks to encapsulate and protect enzymes. This may have use in a number of fields including allowing for green industrial processes that require less energy and toxic solvents/reagents.