The group

Dr Stephanie Boer

StephSteph completed her PhD on metallosupramolecular chemistry at Monash University researching chiral coordination cages before joining the group as a postdoc. She is working on the synthesis of a range of hydrogen-bonded framework materials. When she is not working Steph enjoys baking, being involved in her church, and attempting to read long classic novels, but generally ends up reading Agatha Christie.

Eric Foley


Eric finished his Honours project on mass spectrometry-based protein analysis at the University of New South Wales in November 2017 and then joined the group as a summer scholar. His project aims to develop triptycene-based cages. When Eric is not at uni he enjoys playing table tennis and going out with friends.

Thomas Horgan

Tom HTom is an MChem student from the University of Southampton, conducting a 6-month exchange placement within the group. He is working on the synthesis of two-dimensional hydrogen bonded structures. In his spare time, Tom enjoys playing badminton, eating out and hiking.

Chriso Maria Thomas

ChrisoChriso is in the first year of her PhD, having completed her Master of Science at Loyola College in Chennai (India) in 2016. She is working on the synthesis of three-dimensional porous materials. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading romantic novels, cooking and listening to music.

Samuel Walker


Sam recently completed his Honours degree in Chemistry at Monash University and is currently participating in the Summer Research Scholarship at ANU. He is currently working on the synthesis of hydrogen bonded cage structures. When not in the lab, he enjoys playing squash, reading, and teasing Steph.