The group

Undergraduate students:

Zoe Buckley: Zoe is completing a research project with the group in her fourth year of study, looking at hydrogen bonded frameworks. She is completing a BSc and a BIR, majoring in chemistry and minoring in Earth Sciences and French.  In her spare time, she likes to play with her dog, crochet, do CrossFit, take care of her (many) plants and teach others about science. 

Thomas Whitelaw: Thomas is completing a research project with the group studying triazole-triazolium interactions, with the end goal of synthesising a rotaxane. He is in his fourth year of a BSc (Hons) with a major and specialisation in chemistry, and a minor in physics. In his spare time he enjoys playing drums, board games, and skiing!

Masters student:

Cameron Cox: Cameron is a Masters Student visiting from the University of Edinburgh, building upon some of the cage work done by Emer Foyle during her PhD with the group. Previously he has done work on catalysts for polymer synthesis in Edinburgh with Prof. Michael Ingleson and Dr. Jennifer Garden. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, camping and playing ultimate frisbee.

PhD student:

Phonlakrit “Petch” Muang-Non: Petch completed his BSc(Hons) at The University of Newcastle in 2020, and started in the group in March 2021 looking at hydrogen bonded frameworks and enzyme encapsulation. In his spare time, Petch enjoys cooking Thai food, playing guitar and watching Netflix.


Dr Rosie Avery: Rosie completed an undergraduate research project, BSc(Hons) and PhD in the group. During this time she mainly worked on catenanes and rotaxanes for anion binding. She is now a postdoc working jointly with the Colebatch group working on hydrazone cages. When she is not in the lab, Rosie enjoys all things outdoors (hiking, bike riding, canoeing, swimming, sailing) as well as doing things with textiles and playing her clarinet.