The group

Dr Stephanie Boer

StephSteph completed her PhD on metallosupramolecular chemistry at Monash University researching chiral coordination cages before joining the group as a postdoc in June 2017. She is working on the synthesis of a range of hydrogen-bonded framework materials. When she is not working Steph enjoys baking, being involved in her church, and attempting to read long classic novels, but generally ends up reading Agatha Christie.

Emer Foyle


Emer completed her BSc(Hons) at the University of Canterbury in 2016. She started a PhD in 2018 working on anion templated architectures. In her spare time Emer enjoys attending ballet classes, tramping* and reading.
*aka hiking for readers who don’t speak New Zealandish

Sara Tanovic

Sara is a keen first year undergraduate at the Australian National University, whose interests are constantly shuffling around. She is currently researching the effects of anions on acid equilibria in solvatochromatic dyes. When not cooking up salts in the lab, you can find her cooking in the kitchen or looking for good dogs to pat.

Hui Min Tay

Hui Min is a summer scholar who has recently completed her BSc at the University of Melbourne. She is working on using halogen and chalcogen bonding to prepare anion-templated self-assembled systems. In her free time, Hui Min enjoys playing badminton, watching Chinese dramas (starting with the last episode) and reading long, convoluted fantasy novels (starting with the last chapter).

Chriso Maria Thomas

ChrisoChriso started her PhD in 2017, having completed her Master of Science at Loyola College in Chennai (India) in 2016. She is working on the synthesis of three-dimensional porous materials. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading romantic novels, cooking and listening to music.