The group

Undergraduate research students:

Bailee Smith: Bailee is currently completing an undergraduate research project in the group working on supramolecular cages. She is completing a BSc, specialising in chemistry. When she is not in the lab she enjoys running with her dog, listening to country music and shaving her head for charity.

Oscar Swirepik: Oscar is currently working on an undergraduate research project in the group, working on macrocyclic binding sites for enzyme-like catalysis. He is completing a BSc(Hons), majoring in chemistry and with some added earth sciences. In his spare time Oscar enjoys going on hikes, reading and a good Netflix binge.

PhD students:

Phonlakrit (Petch) Muang-Non: Petch completed his BSc(Hons) at The University of Newcastle in 2020, and started in the group in March 2021 looking at hydrogen bonded frameworks and enzyme encapsulation. In his spare time, Petch enjoys cooking Thai food, playing guitar and watching Netflix.

Rosie Avery: Rosie completed an undergraduate research project and her BSc(Hons) project in the group. She started a PhD in February 2019 investigating O–H containing anion receptors. When she is not in the lab, Rosie enjoys all things outdoors (hiking, bike riding, canoeing, swimming, sailing) as well as doing things with textiles and playing her clarinet.


Émer Foyle: Émer completed her BSc(Hons) at the University of Canterbury in 2016. She started a PhD in 2018 working on anion templated architectures. In her spare time Emer enjoys attending ballet classes, tramping* and reading.
*aka hiking for readers who don’t speak New Zealandish

Craig Stewart: Craig completed his BSc(Hons) with Assoc. Prof. Russell Barrow at the Australian National University in 2016. He commenced his PhD under Assoc. Prof. Barrow in 2017, investigating the mode of action of the phytotoxic non-proteinogenic amino acid m-tyrosine through non-targeted metabolomics, and the development of a library of synthetic analogues in the hopes of addressing microbial susceptibility. Craig was fortunate to work with Dr Tristan Reekie prior to his arrival in the White group in April of 2021. What is a natural products chemist doing in a Supramolecular Chemistry group? Good question!*

In his spare time, Craig enjoys playing guitar, tabletop roleplaying and thinking too much about the NFL.
*Editor’s note: I like to think that Craig’s here for the great company and witty banter.


Chriso Maria Thomas: Chriso started her PhD in 2017, having completed her Master of Science at Loyola College in Chennai (India) in 2016. She recently submitted her PhD thesis about porous cage materials. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading romantic novels, cooking and listening to music.


Dr Jordan Smith: Jordan completed his PhD with Assoc. Prof. Nigel T. Lucas at the University of Otago in 2020. In his work he developed the syntheses of aryl-extended cavitands and other carbon-rich molecules built on the resorcin[4]arene framework. He started in the White group in May 2021 and is investigating macrocycles as binding sites to induce substrate selectivity in catalytic systems. Jordan’s academic interests include organic synthesis, macrocyclic and supramolecular chemistry, and crystallography. In his spare time, Jordan enjoys nature walks, reading and good beer.