The group

Undergraduate students:

Gareth Nelmes


Gareth is an undergraduate doing a project with the White group. He is looking into catenane synthesis using pseudopeptides. In his spare time he is a proud chicken dad and avid boardgame enthusiast.

Indigo Strudwicke


Indigo is an undergraduate student studying chemistry and science communication. She is looking into water soluble hydrogen bonded organic frameworks with the Nick White Group, but spends much of her time helping run the ANU Chemistry Society, as well as common kitchen chemistry (cooking), painting and yoga.  She works part-time at the Australian Academy of Science, and recently ran a science and art chemistry competition celebrating 150 years of the Periodic Table for the National Committee of Chemistry.

BSc(Hons) student:

Zeke Coady


Zeke completed an undergraduate research project in the group and is now completing his BSc(Hons) project looking at using pillararenes for enzyme-inspired organocatalysis. He has also discovered some cool, new pillararene-like macrocycles.

PhD students:

Rosie Avery


Rosie completed an undergraduate research project and her BSc(Hons) project in the group. She started a PhD in February 2019 investigating O–H containing anion receptors. When she is not in the lab, Rosie enjoys all things outdoors (hiking, bike riding, canoeing, swimming, sailing) as well as doing things with textiles and playing her clarinet.

Emer Foyle


Emer completed her BSc(Hons) at the University of Canterbury in 2016. She started a PhD in 2018 working on anion templated architectures. In her spare time Emer enjoys attending ballet classes, tramping* and reading.
*aka hiking for readers who don’t speak New Zealandish

Chriso Maria Thomas

ChrisoChriso started her PhD in 2017, having completed her Master of Science at Loyola College in Chennai (India) in 2016. She is working on the synthesis of three-dimensional porous materials. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading romantic novels, cooking and listening to music.