Research School of Chemistry


We are fortunate to have access to some really nice equipment at the ANU.

The school has eight NMR spectrometers: there is a 400 MHz machine with autosampler less than 20 metres from our lab, and a range of high-field instruments (700 and 800 MHz machines). We also have access to two Oxford Diffraction diffractometers (with both Mo and Cu sources), as well as really good mass spectrometry facilities, a top of the range PANalytical Empyrean powder X-ray diffractometer, and a bunch of other good stuff that we can use when needed. The group has regular access to the Australian Synchrotron, where we use beamlines MX1 and MX2 for crystallography of challenging samples.

The Research School of Chemistry is quite a small department (about 12 research groups with synthetic chemistry research programmes), so we rarely have to wait long to use any of this kit.