Former group members

Zeke Coady (Sem 2, 2018)

Zeke conducted a third-year research project looking at using host–guest chemistry to control organocatalysis.

Riley Sanders (Sems 1 & 2, 2018)


Riley conducted undergraduate research projects in both semesters of 2018. He won cold hard cash for giving an excellent talk at the annual ANU PhB student symposium based on some of this work.

Eric Foley (Summer, 2017–2018)

picEric conducted a summer project preparing new triptycene-based ligands for metal coordination.

Samuel Walker (Summer, 2017–2018)

SamSam conducted a summer project looking at forming hydrogen-bonded cages, work which has now been carried on by Emer.

Thomas Horgan (Sem 2, 2017)

Tom HTom (the Pom) had a six-month placement in the group as part of his MChem at the University of Southampton. When not being swooped by magpies, he looked at preparing hydrogen bonded 2D materials from pyrene.

Tobias Genet (Sem 2 2017)

TobyToby conducted a third-year research project in the group looking at simplifying the synthesis of supramolecular framework materials.

Rosemary Avery (Sem 1 2016, Honours 2017)

rosie_croppedRosie completed her year-long BSc(Hons) research project in the group looking at anion-templated catenane formation, and working closely with collaborators in the O’Mara group. She previously conducted a third-year research project, again working with catenanes.

Esther Van Praag (Sem 1 2017)

estherEsther conducted a CHEM3060 project looking at anion-templated cage formation using triethylbenzene-based scaffolds.

Thomas Anglim Lagones
(Sem 1 2016,  Honours 2016–2017)

TomTom completed his year-long BSc(Hons) research project in the group, after previously completing a 3rd year research project with us. His honours project investigated the anion-templated self-assembly of cage molecules, while his 3rd year research project looked at understanding the self–assembly of bis(amidiniums) and dicarboxylates.

Kaycee Low (Summer, 2016–2017)

kayceeKaycee conducted a summer research project within the group looking at porous cage molecules as an ANU Summer Research Scholar, where she won the “People’s Choice” award in the 3-minute project competition.

Dr Mahbod Morshedi (Postdoc, 2016)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMahbod was a postdoc who worked two days a week in the group on a range of projects, but mainly anion-templated frameworks. He published several first-author papers from this work, with more currently being prepared.

Michael McTigue (Sem 2 2016)

michael-mctigueMichael conducted a first-year ASC project (part of the PhB programme) looking at positively-charged O-H anion receptors.

Arthur David (Sem 1 2016)

ArthurArthur was a MSc student from the University of Rennes (France) who completed a five month internship in the group looking at catenane synthesis.

Alfred Fung (Summer, 2015–2016 and Sem 1 2016)

AlfKam Fung (Alfred) completed a summer research project in the group and returned for a third-year research project in the group. During his time, he studied novel O–H anion binding motifs.

Kathy Nguyen (Summer, 2015–2016)

Kathy_NguyenNhu Nguyen (Kathy) completed a summer research project in the group investigating the development of new motifs for anion templation.