Former group members

Tobias Genet (Sem 2 2017)

TobyToby conducted a third-year research project in the group looking at simplifying the synthesis of supramolecular framework materials.

Rosemary Avery (Sem 1 2016, Honours 2017)

rosie_croppedRosie completed her year-long BSc(Hons) research project in the group looking at anion-templated catenane formation, and working closely with collaborators in the O’Mara group. She previously conducted a third-year research project, again working with catenanes.

Esther Van Praag (Sem 1 2017)

estherEsther conducted a CHEM3060 project looking at anion-templated cage formation using triethylbenzene-based scaffolds.

Thomas Anglim Lagones (Sem 1 2016,  Honours 2016–2017)

TomTom completed his year-long BSc(Hons) research project in the group, after previously completing a 3rd year research project with us. His honours project investigated the anion-templated self-assembly of cage molecules, while his 3rd year research project looked at understanding the self–assembly of bis(amidiniums) and dicarboxylates.

Kaycee Low (Summer, 2016–2017)

kayceeKaycee conducted a summer research project within the group looking at porous cage molecules as an ANU Summer Research Scholar, where she won the “People’s Choice” award in the 3-minute project competition.

Dr Mahbod Morshedi (Postdoc, 2016)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMahbod was a postdoc who worked two days a week in the group on a range of projects, but mainly anion-templated frameworks. He published several first-author papers from this work, with more currently being prepared.

Michael McTigue (Sem 2 2016)

michael-mctigueMichael conducted a first-year ASC project (part of the PhB programme) looking at positively-charged O-H anion receptors.

Arthur David (Sem 1 2016)

ArthurArthur was a MSc student from the University of Rennes (France) who completed a five month internship in the group looking at catenane synthesis.

Alfred Fung (Summer, 2015–2016 and Sem 1 2016)

AlfKam Fung (Alfred) completed a summer research project in the group and returned for a third-year research project in the group. During his time, he studied novel O–H anion binding motifs.

Kathy Nguyen (Summer, 2015–2016)

Kathy_NguyenNhu Nguyen (Kathy) completed a summer research project in the group investigating the development of new motifs for anion templation.