Former group members

Esther Van Praag (Sem 1 2017)esther
Esther conducted a CHEM3060 project looking at anion-templated cage formation using triethylbenzene-based scaffolds. She is currently on exchange at the University of British Columbia (Canada), and will return to ANU next year to complete her BSc(Hons).

kayceeKaycee Low (Summer, 2016–2017)
Kaycee conducted a summer research project within the group looking at porous cage molecules as an ANU Summer Research Scholar, where she won the “People’s Choice” award in the 3-minute project competition. She has now returned to Monash University to complete her BSc(Hons) research project.

Dr Mahbod MorshediOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (Postdoc, 2016)
Mahbod was a postdoc who worked two days a week in the group on a range of projects, but mainly anion-templated frameworks. He has already published two first-author papers from his work in the group, with another two submitted and more in preparation. He now works as a postdoc with Prof. Mark Humphrey at the ANU.

Michael McTigue (Sem 2 2016)michael-mctigue
Michael conducted a first-year ASC project (part of the PhB programme) looking at positively-charged O-H anion receptors. He has now returned to his undergraduate studies at ANU.

Arthur David (Sem 1 2016)Arthur
Arthur was a MSc student from the University of Rennes (France) who completed a five month internship in the group looking at catenane synthesis. He has now returned to France, and will soon begin a PhD in Spain.


Alfred Fung (Summer, 2015–2016 and Sem 1 2016)
Kam Fung (Alfred) completed a summer research project in the group and returned for a third-year research project in the group. During his time, he studied novel O–H anion binding motifs and has now returned to undergraduate studies at ANU.

Kathy Nguyen (Summer, 2015–2016)Kathy_Nguyen
Nhu Nguyen (Kathy) completed a summer research project in the group investigating the development of new motifs for anion templation. She has now returned to her undergraduate studies at ANU.